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            Those who pray and those who don’t. Those who write poems and those who read them. Those who live every minute as if it were the last one, we all search high  and low for eternity. At old times as well as in the age of the Internet, the same thoughts keep rolling on and on in our minds, after all mankind hasn’t changed so much, we’ve got to watch the news:
            “Men land on Mars and are kidnapped by aliens”
            “Eldelry skateboarder breaks legs but doesn’t give up”
            Where are we heading?
            The other day I met and old friend of mine:
            - Hi, John! How’re ya doing?
            - Got fired, wife’s gone with a neighbour and the planet’s dry and thirsty.
            - No problem’s too difficult to fix. Listen, why don’t you go on a long vacation?
            - How come? I’m totally broken.
            - That’s the point. When you’re upside down, turn it down upright!
            - That’s nonsense. You must be kidding.
            - I’ve never been so serious. If you set your mind to other people’s suffering, you’ll certainly find a way out of your own troubles.
            - But, my bills...
            That reminded me of the time I worked at the Customer Service of a big department store. It was Christmas Eve and a lady stepped into, after smashing the front door open: “That bloody refrigerator you sold me is already broken! I want you to replace it right away!”. I tried to calm her down, but it was useless. She got even angrier and added: “You must refund me for the food I lost as well. You ruined my party for 25 guests.” Then my boss came to my help. He started by praising the shopper for making such a strong complaint, that “will help shopkeepers to improve their service.” He made sure her refrigerator would be replaced in the same day and, turning to me, stated:


            - Mr. Brandon will be pleased to pay for all the mess he caused.
            - But it wasn’t his fault – replied the woman, showing surprise.
            - Yes, ma’am, it was. He is the one in charge of the Technical Control, so he’s supposed to predict any possible failure in the machines we sell.
            - But that’s impossible!
            Mr. Thompson, my stric boss, turned a deaf ear to the lady’s arguments and Just went on:
            - And he’ll also be fired. Right on Christmas’ Eve. That’ll teach him a good lesson.
            The lady seemed shocked. A tear pressed up pinto her eyes and rolled down her face.
            - On Christmas’ Eve! stressed my boss. Fired!
            - Sir, for the Jesus Child’s  sake, don’t dismiss him for such a minor thing. I admit I was overwhelmed, give me another refrigerator and I’ll be fine.
            - Are you sure? asked Mr. Thompson in a doubtbul voice.
            - A-absolutely, stuttered the client.
            And looking tenderly at me declared:
            - The poor boy...


            Later on, as I got ready to head home, my Guardian Angel whispered into my ear: “Heaven’s not so easy. If you don’t sympathize, you’re out.”
Abrão Brito Lacerda
04 03 15

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